The Meaning of E’stel

The brightest star named E’stel, marks the source of E’stel Water above the southern alps.

This star represents a source of purity under the stars, and to us its home to New Zealand’s finest water.

You can find the E’stel Star with these coordinates RA: 14h20m33.34s DEC: -37’53’07.1″

E’stel is an independent, family owned and run bottled water company. 100% New Zealand owned and operated.

Established in 2013 by brother in laws Andrew Strang and Wayne Herring, they set out to create a unique product that you cannot find anywhere else.

E’stel Premium Alkaline Water is the pinnacle of design and the leader in the high-end bottled water market.

The bottle design was created with meticulous care and precise focus. The bottles sleek, tailored shape fits perfectly into the palm of your hand, creating a two-dimensional feeling and staying up to date with its modern ergonomic design. After two years of product design and developing a high spec plant, our factory was built in the beautiful city of Nelson, New Zealand. Our factory complies with the New Zealand of Primary Industries Food Safety Programme in conjunction with the American FDA Certification.

The source of E’stel Premium Alkaline Water comes from one of the deepest bores in New Zealand. The glacial water is naturally filtered by ignimbrite rock deep underground, with a measured age of 27,000 years. This pristine water contains unique properties creating a great balance for the mind and body. E’stel Premium Alkaline Water offers an exceptionally clean taste with a gentle, silky texture on the palate. E’stel is dedicated in supporting the health and wellbeing of our future.